TAB E Storage System Battery


Avaibility : In stock
  • Nominal voltage 48V
  • Nominal Capacity 2400Wh
  • Dimensions:442x410x89 mm
  • Weight: 22,5 kg
  • Charge Current 25A recomended
  • Discharge Current 50A Max

Advantages of TAB battery:

  • Modular design (1 to 8 modules, up to 40kWh capacity),
  • Compact and solid solution,
  • Integrated fuses,
  • Clean energy recovery through solar panels,
  • Customizable system according to needs,
  • Savings on your electricity bill,
  • EU design,
  • Clean energy,
  • Compatible with Tier 1 inverter brands.


  • Electric bill savings,
  • Charge during off-peak times,
  • Discharge during peak times.

Backup power supply:

  • Discharge during a black out functioning as backup power.

Off grid systems in cooperation with renewables:

  • Store solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels for the future use.

Following charger/inverter equipment is supported:

Deye, Victron Energy and SMA Suny Island. Others on demand.


TAB ESS battery datasheet



Weight 22.5 kg

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